Develop your business, protect your assets, benefit of 0% tax on profits, become a French resident.

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Offshore business

Benefits of an exceptional tax system

Bank accounts

Open international bank accounts

Visa or passeports

Obtain French residency


Act discretly

We help you structure your future

Offshore companies, no taxes

Nous créons et domicilions des holdings et sociétés dans notre collectivité territoriale française, qui pratique une fiscalité quasi-nulle aux entreprises dont les revenus proviennent de l'étranger.

Maximum legal protection

Nous sommes un cabinet d'expertise-comptable, agréés par la Préfecture (l’État Français) pour nos services de domiciliation. Le droit est sécurisant et stable depuis plus de 50 ans.

French residence for you and your family

Après la réalisation d'une étude KYC et sous conditions d'investissements, nous faisons le lien avec l'Etat français et nous vous accompagnons pour vos demandes de visa et de nationalité française.

Tax on profit
Tax on dividend
No visa needed
Ownership of your company


  • Your company or holding, adapted to your needs

  • Fast procedures, open to foreigners and expatriates

  • No need to travel: 100% remote

  • Avantages fiscaux importants

  • You are 100% owners of your company and you associate freely with whoever you want

  • Do business and trade freely around the world.

  • Accompagnement pour l’ouverture de comptes bancaires d'entreprise

  • Easily expand your business by opening branches in other countries

  • Take advantage of a stable law

  • Benefit from a stable currency (Euro)

  • Our rates for creating a company start at 1250€.


Industry expertise


Passive, active, animating, financial, international holding...

Rights and intellectual property

Patents, trademarks, royalties, image rights (sports...)...

Yachts, Ships

Sailing boats or motor boats, tourism, commercial or freight...

Hotel industry, real estate

Walls, funds, operations, restoration, promotion...

Commercial companies

International business, consultants, ecommerce, influencers....


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, all cryptoassets, ICO, NTF...

Jets, planes

Personal jet, rental or fleet...

And many others...

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Our pricing

Company set-up
1 250€
/ company (from)
Corporate adress
2 500€
/ company / year (from)

Pack annuel Holding
6 000€
/ company / year (from)
Résidence pack
on request
Minimum investment is required 

I want to analyze my situation 

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Approval of the Prefecture

The Prefect, by his order 2021-541 of June 1st, 2021, has formally given approval to our accounting firm to carry out the activity of domiciliation of companies having no local activity, allowing them to benefit from the exceptional taxation of Wallis and Futuna.

Compliance with international financial rules

We comply with French and international laws against money laundering and terrorist financing. In particular, we comply with the requirements of the Tracfin service attached to the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.